It was the mid-summer 2013, and this was my most chill project I did. How delicious your android OS is, try my seasonal ice cream flavors. I designed four different consistent style android OS, there are the unlock page, the main page / weather widget page and over 20 icons for each flavor, they are such unique smartphone themes experience.

So which one is your favorite flavor? Green tea, mocha, mint chocolate or strawberry?


The unlock page

Noticed it is a more comfortable and more natural way to unlock the phone when people swiping the screen in a curve track, and also when considering it may cause an inconvenience when it is for the left hand users, so I flip the unlock track horizontally.


The weather widget:

The main page contains the basic information panel. The four panels are all different but with very consistent design style. I add the dial element into the weather panel, this is my favorite part of it and the idea was inspired by the classical Braun products design.

The "Flavors"

Strawberry(Click to enlarge)

Green Tea(Click to enlarge)

Mint Chocolate(Click to enlarge)

Mocha(Click to enlarge)