Target Audience

My project is designed to benefit not only the long-haul flight passengers, but also can provide the relevant department of airlines or airport such a pack of research result to improve their service.


Long-Haul Flight Passengers

At some point of my study I realized that it is somehow meaningless if I see all the passengers as one group and research for their pains and hopes, that is, not all the touchpoint people may encounter during their flight are general, in other words, one may not even regard others problem as a real problem. Thus, at end of my study, I also start believe that if customized solutions can be provide to different age range, social class and even gender, instead of considering from a technology standpoint, my research will be more valuable.


Airlines, Airport, Other Service Provider

This research may also be useful for them. They can understand which touch point for which group of passenger if not all of them might exists a potential problem along with their travel experience, even though some of them may not be mature.