I start my project with studying people’s flight experience during their whole journey from booking the ticket to arrive their home airport, in a way of interview people who travel very often, and also do some observation during my flight at all airport I stop by, there are so many touchpoints along a flight journey during check-in, security check, on boarding and etc,. My goal is find out people’s painpoints among the these touchpoints, categorise them. I would like to display the results instead of design a mobile app or give some specified solution to certain problems. 
The goal at the beginning is not clear, then I realized the study themselves can be a part of deliverable, additional ,I decide to create a sample video to make it more convincing. I would like to simulate how a research is conduct when a real airline or airport trying to improve their service. On the other hand, the videos will define some key problem may make sense to some passengers, and somehow help them to enhance their travel experience.