What a Long-Haul Flight Journey Is like?


When talking about a flight journey, there might be so many thing people are think about. But I would like to start this topic in a simple way: what are those key-point events come to your mind when you are consider one of your international long-haul flight from booking to arriving.
No doubting that there are huge amount of thing rather than these eight event, they are very fuzzy, aren’t they? No worry, let me guild your track this journey by hitting these points, then you will have a more clear map about how people travel.

Primary Research

The primary research was mainly in a way of interviewing among 3 international students, and conducted via image collage tool kit—60+ images, 200+ words banks, scissors, stick glue, illustration board, markers, post sticker. 

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Secondary Research

I have very rich content on my secondary research, part of them are from my continuous interesting of airplane, airport and relevant things. 

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