Design Concepts-How to Make A Better Experience for Your Next Flight

I have produced three animations depicting the scenarios of three very different demographics of airfare travelers: the business class, the student population, and the elderly. The purpose of these animations is to remind these and all travelers to be aware of what they can do themselves to improve their next flight experience. These ideas draw inspiration from the current and very real instances and features of modern airport services and technologies.


You might fly a lot, but it doesn’t mean you know everything about your journeys. People might have different problem regarding to their age, position, wealth, etc. So how to customize your flight to make your own improvement on your flight?
I make 3 categories of what traveler may focus on, they are technology, money saving, and service quality, and now I pair each of them with the senior travelers, the student population, and the business class. 

Video Producing

After discussing the stories of Halen, Ming and Sam, I am now clearer about the key points during their journeys, these key moments are where some unhappy experience or an improvement could made. Finally I can start to visualize stories into an animation, this animation will show people (senior passengers, student travelers and business people) who up to a long distance flight, to help them aware how they can make enhancement to their journey by themselves. I don’t have enough time to create videos for more specified categories of travelers, but my idea is that the directional videos should absolutely never be completed, an there are always new things can be added into a video as developing of the airline industries.

Animation Style

This is not a very serious video because it is not supposed to be an official educational video to teach people MUST / MUST NOT do, instead, to encourage them to follow the direction, then they can enjoy a better flight. I decide to make the video informative through a way of playful illustrations, joyful background music, bright colors, and easy to watch and follow; it is childish style that people will be very relaxing when watching it.